Judge Jeanine Pirro started off her show on Saturday by claiming justice is coming for the left.

“The left simply refuses to accept the Mueller investigation is over and that justice is coming for them,” Pirro said. “They are fixated on obstruction but make no mistake, if Mueller wanted the indictment he would have recommended one.”

She then repeated her prior claim the whole Russian probe was mere “political whoremanship” before slamming the “whole thing” as a “political con job” and attempted coup against President Donald Trump.

“They hate Trump and they’ll do anything including subjugating the Constitution,” she said before insisting it was not worth talking about anymore.

“But what is worth talking about is how the tables will turn,” Pirro continued on. “Sources tell me there is an investigation into how this counterintelligence investigation into Trump began.”

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America’s intelligence agencies have been exposed for attempting a coup to remove President Trump. Former C.I.A analyst Larry C. Johnson joins Alex to explain that now is the time for President Trump to take action against the Deep State before it’s too late.

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