Actor James Woods reportedly received a Twitter suspension after sharing a satirical meme about voting in the upcoming midterms in November.

According to screenshots, Twitter directed Woods to delete a July 20 post claiming his tweet contained “text and imagery that has the potential to be misleading in a way that could impact an election.”

The meme Woods shared showed three men with “Soy face” smiles accompanied with text telling Democrat men to stay home in November in order to empower women to decide the outcome of the midterms.

“We’re making a Woman’s Vote Worth more by staying home,” text on the meme said, including the hashtags #LetWomenDecide and #NoMenMidterms.

In his tweet, Woods indicated he believed the image was fake, but he entertained the possibility it could be real.

“Pretty scary that there is a distinct possibility this could be real. Not likely, but in this day and age of absolute liberal insanity, it is at least possible,” Woods wrote.

The website Twitchy theorizes Woods may have been targeted for harassing liberals.

It “Would appear said tweet is from way back in July which means if he was indeed reported he was targeted; we’re also going to guess they ‘got’ him for saying liberal insanity, claiming it was targeting a group,” Twitchy wrote.

Woods is a prolific pro-Trump Twitter user who’s extremely popular on the platform. He’s followed by 1.72 million users with many of his tweets criticizing the liberal establishment.

After learning of the suspension, Woods released a statement on Twitter through journalist Sara Miller:

“You are a coward, @jack [Dorsey]. There is no free speech for Conservatives on @Twitter.”

According to Miller, the tweet is no longer visible on Woods’ timeline, and he’s unable to tweet.

Earlier this month, Woods commented on Alex Jones’ widespread social media ban, saying that while he didn’t listen to Jones, he believed banning him was a “slippery slope.”

“I’ve never read Alex Jones nor watched any of his video presence on the internet. A friend told me he was an extremist. Believe me that I know nothing about him. That said, I think banning him from the internet is a slippery slope. This is the beginning of real fascism. Trust me.”

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