It happened again.

A transgender went ballistic in an Alamo Rent-A-Car dealership on Monday after an employee apparently “misgendered” him by referring to him as “sir.”

The clip posted to the transgender’s Instagram account shows him pacing around the store barking at employees for “misgendering” him,

“You calling me a ‘sir,’ I’m not a ‘sir,’ I’m a ma’am!” shouts the transgender at an employee.

“I’m a ma’am! I’m a ma’am! You being rude! It says on my ID I’m a ma’am, he’s being rude! Know your pronouns! Know your pronouns, honey! It’s a fucking world out here! Know your pronouns, stupid!” the transgender says to the camera.

“Please, get out,” a manager says to him.

“Suck my dick!” the transgender shouts as he’s being escorted by security.

This is yet another example of hormonal and aggressive transgender men starting a commotion over the “improper” use of pronouns.

Just last month, a muscular transgender man melted down on GameStop employees for “misgendering” him, resulting in him descending into a rage, destroying merchandise and threatening employees with physical violence.

It remains unclear where exactly the incident took place, or whether any lawful action was taken.


The male transgender who threw a tantrum in a Game Stop has given an interview to a local news station. Alex explains how the left bullies the population into submitting to the globalist agenda to attack speech itself.

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