Italy’s deputy health minister says there will be no more “hugs and kisses” until a vaccine for coronavirus is available.

Pierpaolo Sileri cautioned that life would only return to normal once Italians are inoculated against the disease.

“A tsunami that struck northern Italy is gradually receding, but hugs and kisses can only return to Italian life after a vaccine is found,” said Sileri.

The current quarantine Italians are living under ends on April 13, with Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte indicating that the measures may begin to be relaxed after that date.

The instruction will be particularly hard to take for Italians, who are notorious for their tactile nature.

However, Sileri’s words are laced with irony given that left-wing activists and the Mayor of Florence encouraged Italians to “hug a Chinese” in public as late as early February in order to combat racism.

Video footage of the stunt even showed Italians removing the face mask of a Chinese man.

As we previously highlighted, tens of thousands of Chinese migrants, many of them illegal, work in northern Italy and were traveling back and forth between Italy and China during the height of the pandemic in Wuhan.


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