Project Veritas has released more undercover video as part of their American Pravda investigation showing an IT Consultant for the New York Times confessing to the anti-Trump bias pervading their company culture.

The IT contractor, Todd Gordon, who has worked for The New York Times for twenty years, explains that hatred for Trump is a sentiment shared by virtually every employee at the newspaper.

PV Journalist: “Have you ever had anybody in New York Times’ office come up to you and say, I actually enjoy Trump?”

Todd Gordon: “No, no, no.”

PV Journalist: “Really?”

Todd Gordon: “Not one person.”

PV Journalist: “Not one person?”

Todd Gordon: “Not one, not one. Everyone hates him. They hate him like the plague dude.”

The video continues with Gordon explaining that the NYT is aware that the Russia ‘scandal’ was “all hearsay” but intentionally put out the dubious information anyway.

Todd Gordon: “Right, it’s all been here-say. Maybe he did this, maybe he did that. You’re right, 100%. They haven’t been able to prove it.”

PV Journalist: “But 100%, that’s how I feel like Times…”

Todd Gordon: “You’re right.”

PV Journalist: “…has covered this, right?”

Todd Gordon: “Yeah, 100% you’re right. It’s all heresay.”

PV Journalist: “You’re in the office all the time, so you get to see it firsthand.”

Todd Gordon: “Yeah, heresay, it’s all heresay. And they’re like grab that heresay and let’s put it out there.”

Gordon added that it’s impossible for the NYT to be unbiased with Trump due to their almost obsessive dislike for him.

“I’m like, ‘Beautiful day, today.’ And they’re like, ‘As good as it could be, fuck Trump,'” Gordon said.

“Everywhere I go, everywhere I go they’re like ‘as good as it could be, but we’re fucked.’”

This is Part IV of Project Veritas’ American Pravda investigation exposing The New York Times’ blatant anti-Trump bias.

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