Just days before bombs exploded on the Metro in St Petersburg, ISIS was spreading images promoting the promise ‘we will burn Russia’.

As reported early this morning, two nail bombs on St Petersburg metro have killed at least 10 in the same city Vladimir Putin was scheduled to be in for a meeting today, and the leader’s home town.

Just days ago ISIS affiliated Islamists were spreading this photo:


Putin himself has said that Russia is considering the incident a terror attack “first of all”.

While ISIS is yet to claim responsibility at time of writing, the group’s supporters have begun the celebrations.

It has also been noted that even some so called ‘moderate’ Muslims have cheered the attack.

If confirmed, it is far from the first time that Russia has been targeted by Islamic Terrorists. The country has been plagued by Islamic terror attacks since the beginning of its involvement in Chechnya in the late 90s.

Attacks were attempted but foiled earlier this year in Chechnya and Russia. In September 2004, Islamists killed at least 330 people – including 186 children during the Beslan school siege.

Russian police ended the siege, during which over 1000 people were held hostage, by storming the school. It is believed that this contributed to the elevated death figures.

Other attacks were carried out in 2002 at a Moscow theater, a double suicide bombing in Tushino in 2003, 90 were killed in 2004 when bombs were exploded on two Russian airplanes, 40 were killed in 2012 when suicide bombers blew up cars in Makhachkala, and a double suicide bombing in Kizlyar in 2010 killed 12.

Bus and metro attacks also occurred in 2004, 2009, 2010, and 2013.

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