Twitter appears to be censoring positive replies to President Donald Trump’s tweets and only showing negative responses.

Earlier this month, Twitter announced that it would be “collapsing” tweets deemed “low quality,” a completely subjective definition that is wide open to interpretation. These tweets are now being buried “so the most relevant conversations are brought forward”.

As numerous Trump supporters have noticed, this has had the impact of pushing negative replies to the top of the thread after every tweet sent out by Trump, ensuring the entire conversation is dominated by anti-Trump zealots.

As Medium’s Mike Keen documents, positive responses made in the first few seconds after Trump sends out a tweet are being buried in conservation threads.

“The (anti-Trump) tweet that I replied to was deleted once mine started outpacing it in number of favorites and retweets. It was interesting to observe that once that tweet was deleted, mine stopped being interacted with. That’s because my tweet was no longer part of any “thread” in the conversation. Not a surprise, and nothing unusual about that. The only people who would see my comment are those who follow me already, which is a small number,” he writes.

“Over the past few days, I have continued to reply directly to the President, voicing my support of his policies and ideas. However, I have found that while initially, for about the first minute or so, I get a flood of reactions and notifications. Favorites, retweets, etc, and then they abruptly stop, because my tweets are being manually removed from the main conversation thread.”

“Every single Tweet by President Trump has top comments that are 100% negative. Positive replies are simply not seen. Twitter is absolutely censoring Pro-Trump replies and Trump supporters from voicing their support of the President,” he concludes.

Given that Trump has the support of around half of Americans, you would expect to see at least some support for him in the responses to his tweets.

However, as you can see from the example tweet below, which was sent out by Trump earlier today, every single response at the top of the thread is from the same person, in this case an anti-Trump Muslim woman.

The second conversation in the thread is also completely dominated by another anti-Trump diatribe.

Here’s another example from a tweet sent out by Trump earlier today. In every instance, the thread only shows negative responses to Trump’s original tweet.

Here’s another example.

Even as its stock price tanks, Twitter continues to move towards becoming a leftist echo chamber having already banned Milo Yiannopoulos and numerous other conservative commentators and bloggers.

The social network even suggested that it would be ready to ban Trump himself if the President violated Twitter’s increasingly stringent rules on “hate speech”.

New censorship rules also suspend people from using their accounts if they tweet politically incorrect words like “retard,” or if they insult politicians like John McCain.

Last year, Facebook was also forced to admit that it manually censored conservative-friendly topics from appearing in the social network’s trending list.

Twitter and Facebook are the model for how the left wants the entire Internet to operate, where any dissenting opinions are labeled “hate speech,” “harassment,” or “abuse” and such thought crimes are purged from existence.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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