Saman Mohammadi
January 15, 2012

In an interview on the Chris Matthews show on MSNBC, former CIA officer Robert Baer said that Israel is behind the string of assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists. The latest victim of this terror campaign was 32-year-old Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan.

Baer said that Israel’s motive is to provoke Iran into a military response, which would force the United States of America to retaliate against Iran on the behalf of Israel. This narrative makes clear that America is the victim, not the fellow conspirator, of Israeli terrorism. But is this narrative true, or is this just a clever CIA psyop to make Israel take the blame for terrorist actions against Iran that were approved by the CIA and the White House in advance? The historical record and the facts show that the latter is the case.

It is naive and anti-historical to believe that the U.S. intelligence community is kept out of the loop of Israel’s policy towards Iran. We cannot give the CIA the benefit of the doubt in the murder of an Iranian nuclear scientist. Simply put, the CIA has no credibility.

Is the CIA capable of murdering Iranian scientists, or assisting in such an act? Yes. The CIA has a long track record of state-sponsored terrorism and political assassinations, including on American soil (JFK, 9/11, Oklahoma City Bombing).

Making Israel take the heat for a policy of assassinations against Iranian nuclear scientists that enjoys the approval of Washington is a clever way of twisting reality. But it is not plausible. The CIA does not have clean hands, especially when it comes to Iran.

As Richard Silverstein writes, “while the U.S. has denied participating in the sabotage campaign against Iran’s nuclear program, we know of it and approve it. We’ve compartmentalized our efforts so the U.S. puts the squeeze on economically and Israel does it militarily. But this is a coordinated program and we are willing participants in it. Whether or not we planted bombs in Teheran, we are accessories after the fact and share in the culpability for this egregious conduct.”

Both the CIA and Mossad are guilty of state terrorism from New York City to Tehran. Iranian nuclear scientists and American citizens were murdered by the same monsters. That is the truth. And that should not be news to anyone.

The American people, the Iranian people, and the Israeli people will ultimately pay the price for U.S.-Israeli state terrorism.

Even if intelligent and wise people in the CIA want America to separate itself from Israel, they can’t do it because the crime of 9/11 irreversibly linked the U.S. empire aka the Great Satan with the Zionist serpent in Tel Aviv. Their political fate and strategic success in the Middle East is interlinked. To suggest otherwise ignores the facts.

But that doesn’t mean that America and Israel have no choice but to continue down this destructive and criminal path. There is a better way to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the U.S.-Iranian conflict. But nothing will change for the better in the Middle East until there is regime change in Washington and Tel Aviv.

Saman Mohammadi is the writer and editor at The Excavator Blog

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