A video out of Iran shows a screaming woman being dragged away and arrested by police for not wearing her hijab.

The clip, which was posted to Twitter by a human rights activist, shows the woman being manhandled by uniformed officers as she attempts to resist.

“This is the reality of Islamic Republic of Iran,” wrote Ashraf Baloch. “Today in Inghelab street police savagely arrested this woman for protesting compulsory hijab.”

As this video shows, women in Iran are routinely harassed not just by police but by other Iranian men for not covering up.

While women in Iran risk arrest, incarceration and torture for protesting against the hijab, the Islamic veil is celebrated by leftists in the west as a symbol of feminism.

Last year, CNN was slammed for championing the new ‘hijab barbie’.

As the video below documents, The very first Arab feminist groups discarded the hijab.

The first thing women in areas of Syria areas liberated from ISIS oppression did was discard the hijab.

According to Muslim reformist Asra Q. Nomani, the Islamic veil “segregates, subordinates, silences, jails and kills women and girls around the world.”

The hijab represents the oppression and subjugation of women throughout the Middle East, so why does our media and culture celebrate it?


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