Kurt Nimmo
July 26, 2008

It didn’t make the news, at least not the corporate news. According to Bob Feuer, Bush will attack Iran, declare martial law, and suspend the election. Congress critter John Olver apparently made this claim at a town hall meeting at the Jones Library in Amherst, Massachusetts, last July. Feuer, a lawyer and political activist challenging Olver in the 1st Congressional District of Massachusetts, was at the town hall meeting with others to present Olver with resolutions to impeach Bush for war crimes when Olver made the comments. On July 5, 2007, the After Downing Street website posted Feuer’s retelling of the incident:

At about 10 am, the congressman came into the room with his aid, and Susie Patlove welcomed the congressman, laid out our agenda, and the congressman approved. We commenced with individual introductions and brief reports on the outcomes in each of our towns. Cong. Olver asked us to spare him a review of what he already knew and believed about the crimes of the Bush administration, and of the overwhelming majority of his district in favor of impeachment. When he aggrandized himself on his voting record, I took exception to 24 April 2007. When he asked what I was referring to, I challenged him to co-sponsor H. Res. 333; and he emphatically refused.

Nonetheless, we informed him of the good that would come out of an impeachment, and gave intelligent and caring answers to all of the objections he might harbor. We had present a young U.S. soldier, a veteran of both the Iraq and Afghanistan occupations, who directly asked the congressman what could we do to move him towards co-signing H. Res. 333. The congressman did not answer that direct question.

He is deeply concerned whether we will actually have an election in Nov. ’08, as he believes this administration will likely strike Iran from the air, declare a national emergency, and cancel the ’08 elections. He sees ending the war as his primary goal, and he believes the brilliant Nancy Pelosi [sic] has a strategy more potent than impeachment. He thinks impeachment is a futile waste of legislative energy, will be harmful of democratic ’08 victories, and further tighten the “gridlock” he has complained of for the past few decades.

Olver would later deny he said this and would insist he was misquoted.

Not a word appeared in the corporate media, even though Olver has been a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives since 1991. But then, of course, the corporate media is in bed with the neocons and wholly complicit in their plans to reduce Muslim and Arab countries to smoldering cinders. Last time around, neocon operative Judith Miller was allowed to publish all sorts of lies about Iraq in the “liberal” New York Times. Silence this time around should be expected.

Feuer’s claim is especially pertinent now as Dennis Kucinich attempts to get Bush impeached and rumblings about an attack against Iran pick up speed. The election is but a mere four months away and if Olver is correct — Bush will attack Iran, suspend the election, and declare martial law — this will have to go down in the next couple months or so. Bush and the neocons have installed their repressive legislation and directives — PDD51, the Military Commissions Act, and the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, all designed to silence the opposition and “enforce acquiescence at home,” as the Episcopal priest and activist Frank Morales notes.

Only time will tell if this scenario will actually occur. If it does, we can expect the corporate media to remain silent on the rendition of activists to those brand spanking new Halliburton concentration camps, as fascists always sweep up and do away with the opposition.

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