Kurt Nimmo
November 23, 2011

Prior to the GOP debate last night, the Obama administration sent adviser Tom Donilon to the Brookings Institute where he insisted Iran has been weakened under its sanctions regime. Donilon admitted, however, that sanctions have not led to Iran “fundamentally altering its behavior.”

AEI sets tone for “debate” on attacking Iran.

Brookings is a top level globalist operation. It receives funding from an array of foundations, including the CIA’s Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation. It also receives money from Bank of America, JP Morgan and a number of “defense” contractors. Brookings also shares a relationship with the neocon operation, the American Enterprise Institute. A number of AEI alumni, most notably Michael Ledeen, have called for moving aggressively against Iran.

Following Donilon’s sojourn to Brookings, the prospect of an attack on Iran dominated the GOP “debates” (sponsored in by the warmongering AEI along with the Heritage Foundation and CNN).

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Newt Gingrich led the pack by calling for “regime change” in Iran and “said that could be accomplished within a year, adopting a more aggressive posture toward the U.S. adversary than advocated by the rest of the Republican field or by President Barack Obama,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

Gingrich said he would bomb Iran “as a last resort and with a goal of bringing about the downfall of the government.”

Rick Perry suggested shutting down Iran’s economy by sanctioning its central bank. Herman Cain said he would back an attack by Israel if there was a “credible” plan and Mitt Romney called for tougher sanctions to cripple Iran’s oil industry.

Sources indicate Romney’s idea is already in the works. The Obama administration is looking to bar foreign firms from investing in Iran’s petrochemical industry, a sanction that would be along the lines of past restrictions on Iran’s oil and gas sectors.

“If they want to bomb something, it’s their business and they should face their consequences,” Ron Paul said. “Israel is quite capable of taking care of themselves.” He said Americans should not be comfortable with any military action “without a proper declaration by the United States Congress.”

Ron Paul responds to Wolf Blitzer on Israel and Iran attack.

Following the beating of the war drums at a debate sponsored by an organization responsible in large part for the illegal attack on Iraq under false pretense, Iranian General Yahya Rahim Safavi said his country is prepared “for the worst case scenario.”

Safavi made a point of stating that Iran monitors U.S. ships in the strategically important Strait of Hormuz where one-third of the world’s oil passes. “New war in the region will bring economic and political crisis into the entire world,” he said.

Iran has signaled if need be it would use oil as a political tool. Iran’s oil minister, Rostam Qasemi, told Al Jazeera that if backed into a corner Iran would not hesitate.

While Qasemi’s threat was vague, Mehdi Mehdizadeh, a member of the Iranian parliament, clarified: “If Iran closes the Strait of Hormuz this will cause an increase in oil prices, and under such circumstances Western industries will be grounded.”

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