Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The following is a compilation of viewer reviews for Jason Bermas’ new documentary film Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined.

“This is one of the most accurate portraits of the NWO I have ever seen. It made a believer of my mom and dad last night ( two people so Rep party line i am not sure how I am their child), even made my dad feel sick. Jason Bermas is a true patriot, visionary, and American. His intro hit hard with me. I graduated high school in 2001 and fall 2001 was my freshman year of college. His story is much like mine, and I find solace in our generation despite many people our age being blind to their surroundings. Great job Jason, now its time to fire up the dvd copier and start the awakening.”

“This movie is devastating to the people that have tried to tell us that the New World Order doesn’t exist or that it’s some sort of altruistic world peace revolution. Jason Bermas absolutely knocked this out of the park.”

“This movie is so powerful. One of the few I am willing to promote.”

“Great sum of truth.. that is real.You know it’s just too bad, that even when you show SOME sheeple this….they still dont want to believe its true or refuse the reality of it…I don’t care……I will still press forward…GREAT DOC.”

“Absolutely the best film ive seen on the new world order far the most riviting in the gut lesson about it .. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS FILM.”

“I Just finished watching “INVISIBLE EMPIRE” and I’ve got to say just like fine wine , your videography in film making is getting better with age!! TOUCHE`!! I was drawn in the first few minutes and was kept captivated throughout the whole film..I agree that this is a great video to give anyone as a crash course to the introduction of the New World Order .. I wish you the best of luck with it’s success and will be sending out copies to all i encounter in my journey.. Thanks again.”

“Watched Invisible Empire yesterday. Awesome flick bro !!! Excellent work. You really covered the bases – this movie should serve as a quick course for anyone who hasnt heard about the nwo, this movie will bring them right up to speed. I especially like the part at the very end where you have all the MSM references to the new world order. Great work ! Keep it up !!!

“Finally got time to watch the movie last night. Awesome job! My only compliant to you is that you aren’t making movies frequently enough. :-) .”

Jan Johnson Jason you have outdone yourself this time with Invisible Empire… even my daughter loved it, who is not an activist. Thank you for your hard work. God Bless!


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“Well over a year in the making, Invisible Empire defeats the left/right paradigm, giving the viewer an easy crash course in global history, economics, war and a heavy dose of truth to wake up those brainwashed by the mainstream media.”

“With simple narrative and great prominent speakers such as G Edward Griffin and Peter Dale Scott, this DVD contains a great wealth of information that hits home with every chapter.”

“An essential tool in the information war. A* Jason!”

“Invisible Empire gives an in depth look at the organizations and groups behind the scenes in government that operate under stealth and have been ignored by the media since thier conception. The documented evidence provided in the film leaves little room debate that these groups do in fact exist, and even goes as far to show thier true intentions in the form of thier own words and documents. A must see for anyone who has ever (or never) questioned what lies at the peak of our political strucure.” -RICK HILLMAN

“Congratulations to you and your crew. You deserve an Oscar!”

“Jason the way you started Invisible Empire it is brilliant! I thought about what I was doing before 911?”

“Before 911 I was happy, felt free, loved my country trusted the government with my life. Halfway through Invisible Empire my emotions starting to flip by the end of the movie, I felt America could become unsafe due to my freedoms and lifestyle are being threatended in the greatest country in the world.”

“The simplistc narriatives of this documentary very easy to follow the story, because Jason backed up it up with the Government’s own white pages so there’s no conspiracy in Invisible Empire!”

“Edward Griffin, Peter Scott and Mark Dice are great speakers very concise and to the point, anyone who didn’t know anything about the new world order and their intent on changing lives as we know it, can caught up to speed in 2 hrs by watching Invisible Empire it’s never a dull moment.”

“You will never be informed about the new world order and our government by the main stream media…..Why? Because they are of the problem!”

“Invisible Empire is the perfect starter video for the novice truth seeker who is struggling to find a starting place outside the rabbit hole; who feels overwhelmed by the knowingness that there is something amiss in the world but can’t put their finger on it for lack of understanding. The film also provides the jumping off point to then traverse through the films created by this film’s producer, Alex Jones, which go into greater details about subjects which are brought up and defined within this documentary.”

“The intro to this movie was my favorite part. It creates a connection that many people my age and even older folks can bond with because of common experiences we have all had in our young adult lives. It forms a bond that lets the viewer, whether they be skeptic or info-seeker, know that it was created by a person who is just like them.”

“Fantastic movie and a great companion to Endgame, Terrorstorm, and Fabled Enemies.”

“In Invisible Empire; Filmmaker Jason Bermas visually and definitively identifies what the New World Order is, the key players, and the Round Table groups pushing for a One World Government.”

“The most important documentary of the 21st Century. For those who know something is wrong with today’s geo-political arena, but just can’t put their finger on it. This movie will break down everything from admitted “False Flag” terror events to documented plan to destroy the US Dollar and replace it with a new reserve currency.”

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