Facebook and Instagram on Thursday banned the pages of Censored.TV, the paid subscription network founded by Gavin McInnes.

On Thursday, users began reporting they were unable to post links containing the “censored.tv” url on the social media platforms.

The network, spearheaded by McInnes, features shows from various personalities that have been banned off of YouTube, including 15-year-old commentator “Soph,” Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, Joe Biggs and more.

In an interview Thursday with Infowars’ War Room, McInnes said the ban started when the social media companies designated his group, “Proud boys,” as a hate group.

The impetus for all this is this lie that Proud Boys are a “hate group,” or something, and that’s just as dangerous as ISIS. Today the FBI announced that ISIS and white nationalists are the same terror threat – which is completely insane. So they start with that point, and then they say, well, I have to be banned because I started it, and then anyone associated with me has to be banned, and it seems to be this crippling need to make sure that white nationalism is our biggest concern, that we’re all scared of nazis, and Trump is a nazi so that’s our biggest priority. Meanwhile, it’s a totally irrelevant, tiny group of dozens of people. Proud Boys have nothing to do with them, at all. But this narrative works because we’re living in the era of mental obesity where they go, “Oh, those are the bad guys? Oh, Okay.”

Owen exposes the latest Democrat strategy to use Big Tech to censor conservative voices online ahead of the upcoming 2020 election in November.

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