Infowars reporter Savanah Hernandez was assaulted and robbed by a gang of Black Lives Matter thugs Wednesday night while covering the Breonna Taylor riots in downtown Austin, Texas.

Hernandez was covering the violence, bedlam, and infighting by BLM and Antifa downtown following the Breonna Taylor verdict in Louisville earlier in the day.

The far-left militants harassed journalists and hinted at threats of violence against police.

Video shows Antifa surrounding Hernandez and assaulting her while yelling “fuck her up” as she tries to defend herself.

Hernandez managed to escape the Antifa mob after they stole her phone.

“I turned around and I felt someone punch me in the back of the head,” Hernandez said.

“I fell down to the ground and I popped back up. As you guys can see, my face isn’t really messed up at all and I didn’t really take too many punches to the face because I don’t think they were expecting me to fight back or defend myself. They quickly learned that I was going to.”

Hernandez has filed a police report.





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