May 29, 2013

Before 94% of poll respondents could agree that the Woolwich attack would lead to a police state, several Members of Parliament began designing a British police state with censorship and surveillance.

On May 22, 2013, two attackers ran over British Army solder Lee Rigby as he walked down a street in Woolwich, a district in southeast London. The attackers then stabbed Rigby to death while declaring vengeance for the killings of Muslims by British military.

Even before our poll was completed, several Members of Parliament used the murder to accelerate the arrival of the British police state. These members demanded major search engines such as Yahoo and Google censor “extremist” web sites from search results, according to the Daily Mail. They also attacked opposition to the communications data bill, which would allow Orwellian tracking of all Internet and cell phone activity within the United Kingdom. Censorship and surveillance are two strong pillars of the police state. Without them, future political oppression cannot thrive and the house of tyranny cannot stand.

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