The $10,000 second place winner of Operation Paul Revere is…
July 30, 2013

Infowars is pleased to announce the second place winner of Operation Paul Revere, the Infowars on-line film fest:

American Drone
Written and directed by Johan A. du Toit

U.S. drone operator Calvin Williams is haunted by a drone strike gone horribly wrong.

Innocent civilians are killed in an attack on a “highly-valued” target. The mission breaks Williams out of his trance.

He forces himself to face the brutal reality of drone warfare which will soon come to American soil.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the announcing of our grand prize winner of $100,000!

You may see all of the finalists at the official Operation Paul Revere site.

Be sure to check out du Toit’s other film The Futurist.

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