Infowars ranks higher than ESPN in total reader comments, according to media analytics.

The news tracking site, which monitors over 10,000 news sites, 200,000 stories and 150,000 reporters every day, revealed that articles over the past month received 313,000 comments compared to 291,000 comments on, a notable difference considering it’s the NBA season.


It’s also worth noting that ESPN is currently the top-commented sports site and the top-commented celebrity news site, TMZ, ranked only one step ahead of Infowars.


At least two journalists are typically ranked in the top 100 for reader comments, with Paul Joseph Watson consistently in the top 20 out of 150,000 reporters.

This is a good sign, implying that more Americans are now giving a d*mn about news that directly impacts their lives instead of constantly being distracted by sports and celebrities.

And that’s not as far-fetched as it sounds: it’s hard for people to keep ignoring the declining job market, the exploding cost of living, the destruction of the middle class and the skyrocketing insurance premiums thanks to Obamacare which may keep many couples from having children.

“The real slap in the face though, has to be the fact that while America’s poor are imprisoned for petty drug offenses, the bread winners of the country’s elite families can perpetrate multi-billion dollar financial crimes and, thanks to the networking opportunities that come with belonging to the 1%, be virtually assured that no real punishment with ever be meted out even if said crimes inadvertently collapse the entire global financial system,” Zero Hedge commented.

Of course, there will always be sport-obsessed Americans who get clinically depressed when their favorite team loses (even though many sporting events are rigged by insiders to ensure millions in gambling profits), but there’s now an increasing number of people who won’t allow the larger evils to escape their attention.

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