Recruitment Drive – Position Openings

▪ Video Editors & Camera Operators
▪ Live Sound Engineers
▪ Graphic Artists
▪ Reporters and On-Air Talent
▪ Show Producers
▪ Studio Engineers
▪ Live Studio Directors

Submit your resume in PDF format and no more than three (3) online links to your work to [email protected]

Put 2018 Recruitment Drive and the position you are applying for in the subject line and only submit your resume in PDF format. Also, do not attach videos or photos, just send links to your work online.

2018 Reporter Contest Rules
Prizes Awarded
1st Place $20,000
2nd Place $5,000
3rd Place $1,000

Official Rules
▪ Contest entries are open from Monday, May 21st 2018 until the end of the War Room on Wednesday, July 4th 2018 (6pm Central)
▪ Reporter must appear on camera during the report
▪ You can enter more than once
▪ Reporters must abide by the rules of their state
▪ Entries must be uploaded to Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Live Leak, or Daily Motion so they can be embedded to and
▪ By entering the contest you agree to let Infowars broadcast, upload, stream and post your work in part or in full
▪ You entry must include a video release form with your entry. Download, sign and email your release in PDF format
▪ Your video can be no longer than ten minutes in length. If your video is longer than ten minutes it will not be accepted into the contest
▪ All videos must have a 5 second slate at the beginning and end of every video entered
▪ The Slate Must Contain The Following Information: Reporter’s name, home state, and your credits in the report (ie research, reporting, editing, graphics, sound, etc.)
▪ Submit your entry to the email [email protected]
▪ In the subject line include 2018 Reporter Contest and your name
▪ Include a link to your report, and attach a signed media release to your email
▪ Reread the rules and follow them

Official Guidelines

* It is strongly encouraged that you present yourself as reporting for and that you prominently display and or throughout your report.

* We recommend that you use the following guidelines when producing your video. Of course, better ideas always prevail and if you have a better idea or breaking news you want to cover, or an important guest that you can interview, by all means, go all out and impress us.

Here are three segment ideas we would like to see in your video:

Segment One, Reporter: Cover one story as an on-scene reporter.
Here’s an example:

*You can have notes in hand. We are looking for individuals who can report the news but also add insight into how the current article/story relates to the larger globalist agenda.

Segment Two, Anchor: You will be seated at a desk and read two different stories. Again we want you to add insight into how the current article relates to the larger agenda. You do not need to add graphics, but it may add value to your report. Here’s an example:

Segment Three, On the Street: Interview at least three people on the street on a current topic covered on The interviews do not need to be long (i.e. two or three questions each person). Here’s an example:

* We prefer that you are holding a microphone when conducting interviews or reporting on scene. We prefer you edit your own segments create any graphics that appear on screen. We want you to WOW us.
* Feel free to have a cameraman run your camera. You can have assistance in producing your video i.e. cameras, lighting, editing. You can also use graphics, b-roll, or royalty free sound-track packages to give your video the extra punch.
* If you do not feel you have the proper equipment you can check out your cable local access station for assistance.

Contest entries are open from Monday May 21st 2018 until the end of the War Room on July 4th (6pm Central).

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