Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has called for “eliminating” Border Patrol officers because of their views towards black and brown people despite the fact that 51% of CPB agents are Latino.

The comments were made during an appearance on BET’s Black Coffee show.

“We have rogue agencies that have no accountability, no transparency in how they conduct their business, we know they have spoken in the most vile ways about immigrants, we know that they have certain views about what brown and black people deserve,” said Omar.

“So we should be having a conversation about eliminating their existence,” she added, before accusing Border Patrol agents of terrorizing migrants.

According to the Customs and Border Protection (CBP), over half of agents who guard the borders between the U.S. and Mexico and the U.S. and Canada are Hispanic. That number is from 2008, so it’s probably even higher now.

To portray CBP agents as some kind of vanguard of white supremacy is clearly wholly inaccurate and hysterical, but that’s par for the course when it comes to Ilhan Omar.

The left’s crusade against border security has kicked into high gear, with the New York Times publishing an op-ed this past weekend that called for the doxxing and public harassment of Border Patrol agents.


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