Immigration and Customs Enforcement collared nearly three dozen illegal-alien criminals last week during a five-day sweep in New York.

Enforcement and Removal Operations, the subsidiary bureau that deports illegals, ran the dragnet from May 19 through May 23.

ERO apprehended the illegals in New York City, Long Island, and the Hudson Valley.

Who Was Removed

ERO focused on illegals with either criminal convictions or pending charges, ICE reported. Of 31 illegals arrested, more than 26 were convicted thugs or faced charges, and more than 29 had final orders for removal and failed to leave, or were, as is typical of criminal aliens, previously deported.

While some of the illegals face prosecution for returning illegally, others who aren’t prosecuted will be processed for deportation. And those with outstanding orders for removal, ICE reported, “are generally subject to immediate removal from the country.” Two of the thugs will, inexplicably, get a hearing before an immigration judge.

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