CNN host Wolf Blitzer appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday inquiring about Hillary’s infamous pickle jar stunt, in which the presidential candidate opened a jar of pickles on national TV to prove she was healthy.

“How would you have handled that story?” Kimmel asked Blitzer. “How would you have covered it?”

“I would have covered it the way you covered it. I would have followed up, got the reaction and of course try to come to the bottom of it,” Blitzer responded, asking, “Did you fake that story?”

“I did not fake that – the pickles,” Kimmel insisted, adding that it would have been good comedy if Hillary would have been unable to open the jar.

“It didn’t pop,” Blitzer retorted, referring to the signature “pop” sound that occurs when a fresh jar of vacuum-sealed pickles are opened.

Kimmel attributed the lack of Clinton’s “pop” to the jar’s distance from the microphone, and invited Wolf to experiment with a fresh jar of pickles.

“You’re going to be part of the conspiracy now, you realize that,” Kimmel tells Blitzer. “Alex Jones is gonna be all over you.”

“I heard a pop!” Blitzer says after successfully opening the jar.

Here’s the original video of Alex Jones analyzing Hillary’s stunt:

Kimmel then shot back with “The Truth behind Hillary Clinton’s #PickleGate.”

Here’s Alex’s response to that skit:

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