CNN lost 21 percent of its already minuscule audience last week, MSNBC lost 24 percent, while Fox News grew its already enormous viewership by six percent, as TVNewser highlights.

Yep, even the massively over-hyped news about a mass shooting and a regional weather story — Hurricane Dorian — could not stop the bleeding at both of these far-left, Russia Collusion Hoax channels.

In all of cable television, throughout the 24 hour day, Fox News was numero uno for the 34th consecutive week with an average of 1.32 million total day viewers.

MSNBC was still in second place but came in way behind Fox with just 854,000 total viewers.

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CNNLOL landed in sixth place with only 624,000 average viewers.

The news for CNNLOL and MSNBC was even worse during primetime. Whereas Fox News once again managed to grow its already massive audience by another three percent, MSNBC lost 15 percent of its primetime audience, while CNNLOL lost 16 percent.

Overall, Fox attracted 2.43 million primetime viewers, while MSNBC again came in well behind in second place with just 1.57 million. CNNLOL collapsed to tenth place in primetime with just 897,000 average viewers.

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