There have been huge explosions at a US army base in Japan.

Helicopters have been spotted circling the area as emergency services rushed to the scene in Sagamihara city, south of Tokyo.

The military zone is part of a huge US complex that has three bases and terrorism experts have said it’s “plausible” it was a deliberate attack.

The site is part of a US army complex next to the capital where three deliberate explosions were reported in April, in what police suspect was an act of left-wing Japanese extremists.

The Wall Street Journal reported that a spokesman for police in Kanagawa Prefecture said two steel pipes were found planted in the ground with electric cables in the camp.

Japanese terrorist expert Michael Penn, who heads up Tokyo-based news agency Shingetsu News, said it is “plausible” the explosions have a similar explanation.

Pentagon spokesman US Navy Commander Bill Urban said: “We’re aware of the report, but we don’t have confirmation that the explosion occurred on the base.”

Social media users have been sharing dramatic photos and videos from the region.

The Sagamihara Fire Department told Fox News: “Fire from the American military base has occurred.”

The Sagami General Depot houses storage for petroleum products and ammunition, Japanese broadcasters are reporting.

Mr Penn said it is likely US military guards at the scene called Japanese firefighters but “restrictions were put on them”.

He said “water was not used to douse the fire”, perhaps because it was a chemical explosion.

He added that the warehouse contains oxide cylinders.

The fire department said the blasts occurred shortly before 1:00am local time and more than ten fire trucks were dispatched.

Japan’s Asahi newspaper reported that no general evacuation of nearby areas had been called but Mr Penn said it is a “deserted area.”

“These explosions have happened at a single warehouse,” he said.

“The explosions then continued quite intensely.

“At least 10 fire engines were called to the scene and it seems like military guards called them.

“It is a deserted area and the question is how the fire was started. Something obviously blew it up.”

The official cause of the explosion remains unknown but Japanese news agency Shingetsu said there had been an “accidental fire.”

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