Huawei is prepared to fully cooperate with foreign nations in order to debunk claims that the Chinese tech giant is in cahoots with Beijing, the company’s senior vice president has said.

The firm, which has pioneered 5G technology, is considering making its source code available to all stakeholders, Senior Vice President John Suffolk said, in an interview with Kyodo News.

“Each individual country should validate by themselves,” Suffolk said, adding that “there is not one model of validation that all of our customers would accept.”

Silicon Valley is China’s Trojan Horse

Where is the outrage for the scores of American globalists siding with China?

Pushing back against accusations leveled by Washington, Suffolk stressed that his company has never been asked by the Chinese government to hand over user data or other sensitive information.

Huawei has already offered to let Tokyo inspect its products for potential security vulnerabilities, a Japanese government official told the news outlet.

The United States has been pressuring its allies to blacklist Huawei, but its months-long lobbying campaign has had lackluster results.

Poland announced on Monday that it would agree to a Washington-approved protocol as it develops its 5G network, but many other European states –including close allies such as Germany– have refused to shun Huawei simply because it is a Chinese firm.

Economic Terrorism! MSM Tries To Crash US Economy; Sides With China Against US

Alex Jones breaks down the economic terrorism of the Chinese and how the American mainstream media have chosen to back the ChiComs over the American people.

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