Hundreds of Minneapolis volunteers descended upon their leveled neighborhoods to clean up the destruction and debris left by rioters over the last few days.

Videos and photos out of the area show hundreds of volunteers sweeping, cleaning graffiti, and picking up trash on Saturday.

Over 170 businesses in St. Paul and Minneapolis were left in ruins after thousands of rioters took to the streets to protest the death of George Floyd at the hands of police, which devolved into looting, violence, and mayhem.

“We have hundreds, possibly over a thousand volunteers out here with brooms, dustpans, shovels, ready to sweep up the streets and start cleaning from the chaos that ensued last night in this neighborhood,” one man said as he was recording.

The violent riots erupted nationwide Friday in cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Portland, Houston, Louisville, and Washington D.C., prompting the Pentagon to put military police on alert.

However, judging by the videos and photos, it appears the American spirit of generosity and community is still alive and well despite globalist attempts to divide and conquer the people using race.

Helping cleaning up. Being a service in Minneapolis Minnesota.

Posted by Marvin El on Thursday, May 28, 2020

Lockdown is officially over in the city of Minneapolis as looters and rioters descend upon the city destroying everything in their path for what they deem as “justice” for the murder of George Floyd this past Monday.

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