An Afghan migrant who raped an 18-year-old mentally disabled girl in the Netherlands was deliberately given a lighter sentence by a judge in order to save him from being deported.

38-year-old Zaman S. raped the girl in 2016 after she entered a store at which he was an employee.

De Telegraaf reports that the Amsterdam District Court gave the perpetrator “a milder sentence to prevent him from losing his residence permit,” treating the asylum seeker “more leniently to prevent expulsion.”

The girl’s father angrily denounced the verdict, suggesting that barbaric views on rape were being imported along with migrants.

“Maybe this is normal in his country, but not here,” he said.

“Whether or not to lose a residence permit in such a serious crime as rape should not be a consideration,” said the victim’s lawyer.

Like many European countries, the Netherlands has struggled with integrating Muslim migrants.

A recent investigation revealed that more than a thousand underage Dutch girls are groomed and sold into sex slavery every year by young pimps with migrant backgrounds.

Back in July, the leader of the Muslim DENK party caused controversy by telling Dutch citizens to leave their own country if they don’t like the increasing number of Muslim migrants populating Dutch cities.

“If they don’t like a changing Netherlands in which people with different cultures live… like in the city of Zaandam or the neighbourhood of Poelenburg, they should get lost,” Tunahan Kuzu said during an interview.

A month later, Dutch professor Maurice Crul said that Dutch citizens need to get used to the idea of being a minority due to the increasing influx of migrants.

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