Stephen P. Fuller
May 16, 2010

Sure, Robert Rodriguez’ new Machete has it all; false flag terror, media sexpsychology, bigoted “progressive” racial stereotyping, and all sandwiched into the ratification of caste system violence in reaction to false populism. But should the Hispanic populations of the world focus their influence at the population of the US or at the globalists?


America has the one of the very best historical lores concerning mankind’s search for a finer system of human liberty and balance with the rule of law. The value of a republic consisting of equal protection, balanced justice, property rights, unfettered expression, and connatural liberty is expressed through our shared, yet variable, commodious support of conservative principles, social populism, and the pursuit of responsible citizenship. Yet these pursuits of a greater republic have been twisted and used to confuse the masses into supporting neo-conservative and neo-liberal principles that starkly oppose free human existence. These false movements are funded and ultimately designed from a larger hegemonic movement for a global system of control. For at least three generations the educational systems of the modern world have taught that the Earth, being finite in mass, is finite in potential and that the management of the Earth must henceforth be centralized in order to ensure the infinite possibility and ultimate survival of mankind. Resources, wealth, industry, war, and population must all be controlled by centralized global governance in order for mankind to continue to exist; freedom and especially vast quantities of lives must therefore be sacrificed.

The organizations manufactured to govern globally have been repeatedly and consistently found to be implicated in programs of mass depopulation. One such instance in 2002 caused an international scandal when it was reported that “the United Nations, the Clinton administration, and Peruvian and Japanese non-governmental organizations were responsible for thousands of forced sterilizations under the government of Alberto Fujimori”. In another incident a year later, the Population Research Institute revealed that:

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
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An independent investigation has found that the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), in its association with the National Population Council of Mexico (CONAPO), supports involuntary sterilization and coercive family planning in Mexico. According to Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), which recently denounced coercion in family planning programs throughout Mexico, Public health servants have imposed methods of family planning on the native population without their consent and without informing them of the risks.” [Article]

Direct mass sterilization is only one method of depopulation in the modern era; whereas war, family planning, and Bill Gates’ ‘new vaccines, healthcare, and reproductive health services’ are all stoically in full swing today. In further propagation of non-government population control, foundation funded organizations are using indirect measures to actively and openly target Hispanic population centers. Meet Hansjörg Wyss, a Swiss born industrialist and the quintessential globalist. As of 2008, Wyss was #164 on the Forbes list of billionaires, the second richest person in Switzerland and #72 on The Times list of 100 Richest People in the World. Wyss uses his wealth to de-industrialize the US by shutting down mineral mining corporations and, through the Wyss Foundation, places enormous landholdings under government control. He has turned more than 4,400,000 acres of land over to the National Park Service and as such they are now subject to U.N. control agreements. But what does The Wyss Foundation have to do with Hispanic population control? The Wyss Foundation’s chair is Marcey Olajos. Marcey Olajos is also the chair of The Center for Biological Diversity. This foundation states that human population must be curbed to save endangered species. The Center of Biological Diversity has “coincidentally” concentrated its “family planning” distributors in the heaviest Hispanic population areas in the United States. The organization has an even larger presence in Puerto Rico and Mexico and states unequivocally that human population must be reduced.


The importance of fighting against the globalists should now be much clearer to Hispanic Americans but what does any of this have to do with false populism? First, one must consider the origins of the massive globalist front organization “La Raza” (NCLR). Contrary to urban mythos, the NCLR was not founded in populist fever against imperialism. In fact, it was founded by the antithesis of such an organization; the Ford Foundation, an admitted supporter of globalization and covert funding organization of the National Security Agency. Second, the NCLR’s power structure is filled by professed globalists. Most notably, Raul Yzaguirre, a life time member of David Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations. With CEO Yzaguirre previously at the helm of the NCLR, the NCLR began expanding from Mexican only representation into further Central and South American representation. And it is at this point where it becomes clear as to the motivation of the NCLR. The expansion of the NCLR is less about civil liberty and freedom for Hispanics and more directly linked to the U.N.WHO-WTO-NAFTA plans being implemented through the SPP. And toward such ends, Mr. Yzaguirre just so happens to be a highly valued member of the Independent Task Force on North America, whose main organizational task is the institution of the SPP and ultimately destruction of US sovereignty, or in their own words:

“The Task Force’s central recommendation is establishment by 2010 of a North American economic and security community, the boundaries of which would be defined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter.”

The unification of Hispanics against “American Imperialism” is being fabricated to more significantly develop a sovereign-less imperial union, while directly and indirectly reducing human population in targeted areas.

It is an absolute fact that the average freedom loving US citizen is completely opposed to the genocidal programs of the globalists. They are offensively bounding after the entire population of the world, regardless of race or ethnicity, and are the engine of both depopulation and controlled opposition. We need the Hispanic communities of the US and the World to understand that equal protection, balanced justice, property rights, unfettered expression, and connatural liberty are the road to a successful humanity. By implementing the opposite of force and through a blooming mutual respect and value for the Republic that binds us, mankind can reach a truly infinite potential. For all.

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