Still hawking her book overseas, Hillary Clinton appeared on The Graham Norton Show and cracked a joke about former President George H.W. Bush’s health, and referred to President Trump’s inauguration speech as “some weird shit.”

Hillary was asked about attending Trump’s inauguration, and she claims she and Bill tried to get out of it — a statement that contradicts what she said only days ago.

“I really tried to get out of going,” she said. “I was going not as the candidate or as the opponent, but as a former first lady.”

She said it’s tradition for Republican and Democratic former presidents and first ladies appear, but acknowledged she wanted to break that.

“So we thought may others aren’t going. So we called the Bushes and the elder Bushes were in the hospital, which I think was legitimate,” she said, triggering laughs from the audience.

On January 18 — three days before the inauguration — NPR reported, “The elder Bush was admitted to the hospital over the weekend and sent to the intensive care unit at Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas on Wednesday as he battles pneumonia.”

Hilarious, Hillary.

She then acknowledged that George W. Bush, and Jimmy Carter both said they were going.

“So Bill and I looked at each other and said, ‘Well, we gotta go,” Hillary said.

She said she was “so sad” Trump’s speech wasn’t an “outreach.”

“It was reported George W. Bush, as it ends, said, ‘That was some weird shit,’” she said, triggering more laughs.

During a recent appearance on The Late Late Show on Ireland’s RTÉ One, Clinton claimed it was her “duty” to appear, saying nothing about trying to get out of it.

Speaking about the difficulty of being on the Inauguration platform as a first lady, Clinton said she had to consciously watch her actions.

“It was our turn to walk our to a crowd that I thought would be hostile to me because it was largely— well, it wasn’t a large crowd,” she laughed, landing a petty dig at the audience size.

“And then going down the steps and just trying to summon up my internal fortitude to be in the moment and to be appropriate. Not be caught making faces or doing something like that,” she said.

“Or rolling your eyes,” the interviewer interjected, which she affirmed.

“i didn’t want that to happen,” she said.

“Did you want to scream?” he asked.

“Oh, I did, but that was a common occurrence in those days— you know, scream into the pillow when I saw what was happening,” she continued.

“Did you ever scream into the pillow?” she was asked.

“Oh yes!” Clinton exclaimed, adding it felt good.

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