Hillary Clinton suffered her third coughing fit within the space of two days during a live appearance on The Breakfast Club radio show, before attempting to joke that she needed to take pot to cure her health problems.

“You’re coughing like you got some medicinal,” the host said, referring to marijuana.

“I need some,” Clinton responded.

After she tried to start speaking again, Hillary’s voice was noticeably weak.

The presidential candidate blamed “allergy season” for her coughing, despite the fact that she has suffered similar bouts on innumerable occasions over the past year.

As we reported yesterday, media outlets blamed high pollen counts for Clinton’s previous coughing fits in Ohio, despite actual allergen counts in the region being low on Monday.

Hillary suffered a four and a half minute coughing fit during her speech on Monday.

She then broke down again on her campaign plane while speaking with reporters, an incident that conveniently meant she didn’t have to answer more questions.

Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign unloaded on NBC News merely for reporting on her coughing fit in Ohio, while her running mate Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), told ABC News that questions about Clinton’s health were “idiotic”.

Former Salon editor Joan Walsh slammed other media outlets merely for covering the issue, despite the fact that Salon heavily reported on John McCain’s health in 2008.

Similarly, the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza insisted that questions about Hilary’s Health were “ridiculous,” despite him personally covering John McCain’s health for the same newspaper eight years ago.


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