Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton nearly erupted into another coughing fit Friday during a rally in Fort Pierce, Florida.

The former secretary of state’s voice could be heard growing more hoarse during a speech before she coughed and unwrapped a throat lozenge.

The audience cheered the former First Lady on as she cleared her throat multiple times, but alas a frog could still be heard in her throat as she attempted to continue.

This latest throat issue follows months of speculation over Clinton’s ill health, concerns which have worsened over the campaign’s past few months.

The presidential candidate suffered her most embarrassing hacking fit on Labor Day, when she could barely string two words together due to a serious coughing bout. The campaign blamed it on allergies.

Less than a week later, Hillary was videotaped collapsing at a 9/11 memorial in New York, which her campaign blamed on overheating.

The Clinton campaign was later forced to admit Hillary’s doctor had diagnosed her pneumonia.

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