Hillary Clinton laughed with delight when a member of the audience at an event in Oregon suggested she run for president.

The former first lady and her daughter Chelsea were at Portland’s Revolution Hall on Saturday to promote their new book about “gutsy women.”

Clinton was asked who she would be supporting out of the Democratic candidates and responded by saying, “All that matters is that we win, I hate to be so, you know, simplistic about it.”

“We have to nominate (cough) … the best …” she added before a member of the crowd shouted out “You!”

Hillary reacted with a big smile and a laugh before saying, “Oh, my. Well, thank you.”

Earlier this month, Clinton teased another presidential run, despite having already failed twice, telling PBS Newshour, “Obviously I can beat him again.”

Hillary also fanned the flames of speculation when she tweeted at Trump, “Don’t tempt me.”

During an appearance on Stephen Colbert’s show, Clinton announced she would not endorse any of the Democratic candidates, fueling speculation that she may yet enter the race.

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon also thinks that Hillary is waiting for the right moment to enter the race.


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