Hillary Clinton sent a thank you letter to a woman who gained notoriety for celebrating the fact that she was a “slut” and had contracted herpes, a sexually transmitted disease.

Ella Dawson obtained brief Internet fame earlier this year when she launched a campaign backed by the hashtag #ShoutYourStatus to encourage young women to embrace their STDs, arguing that there shouldn’t be any social stigma surrounding the issue.

“I’m a slut, and I have herpes. I still am a person who deserves respect,” tweeted Dawson at the time.

Like all feminists who spout absolute stupidity and then claim victimhood status when they get any kind of blowback, Dawson instantly received a barrage of criticism before claiming she was the target of a harassment campaign.

She then wrote an essay whining about how the “sexist trolls” that comprise the ‘Alt-Right’, including yours truly, had subjected her to abuse.

The sum of my “abuse” was a YouTube video (embedded at the end of this article) in which I merely pointed out that having genital warts because you’re a “slut” isn’t an accomplishment.

In her article, Dawson complains that as a result of my video, she received hundreds of messages from people calling her “insert the sexist slur of your choice here”. In one example she cites, a Twitter user calls her a “whore”.

This from the woman who calls herself a “slut” and says she is proud of it.

So she celebrates the fact the she’s a slut, but then cries about “harassment” when other people call her a whore, if that makes any sense (hint; it doesn’t).

Hillary Clinton appears to agree with Dawson that sleeping around is an achievement and sent Dawson a letter praising her for turning sexually transmitted diseases into a social justice cause.

“I am so grateful to you for not only speaking out against the stigma,” Clinton wrote, “but for also taking a courageous stand against the ridiculous, but very real, barrage of hate you received online.”

Of course, in the real world, some things are stigmatized because discouraging them is the right thing to do.

Herpes can damage the central nervous system and lead to other illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease. It’s also contagious.

Being a slut isn’t something to be proud of – it’s a terrible lifestyle choice.

Dawson, already a vehement Hillary supporter, said she sobbed when she received and read Clinton’s letter and that she resonated with Hillary’s speech on the ‘Alt-Right’.

“I have never seen a politician understand the danger of the Alt-Right,” Dawson wrote. “It made me sad that a fringe hate community has become so central to American politics that a presidential candidate has to make a speech about them. But it also filled me with genuine, raw hope for the first time since I became an activist.”

Apparently, Dawson still thinks that encouraging other young women to become “sluts” and catch STDs is a form of activism.

Newsflash Ella; It isn’t.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

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