Hillary Clinton compared President Trump’s reelection speech to an Infowars broadcast when responding to his massive reelection rally in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday.

After Trump’s epic rally where he called out Clinton’s many crimes and cover ups, Democratic Florida gubernatorial loser Andrew Gillum tweeted, “Hillary Clinton you must be EXHAUSTED! Cause you’ve been running through @realDonaldTrump small mind for a LONG time.”

The former Secretary of State replied that she’s “blessed with stamina,” and said she was fortunate she didn’t tune into Infowars’ Alex Jones Show (which airs 11am-3pm CT) afterwards.

“I can handle it. Blessed with stamina. And thankfully I didn’t stay up late last night watching InfoWars…” Clinton tweeted.

Trump devoted a chunk of his rally speech explaining to his crowd of 20,000 the numerous crimes Clinton committed, including her and the DNC’s hypocrisy of accusing him of “Russian collusion” when it was them who paid for Russian intelligence to use against Trump in an effort to undo his presidency.

“We went through the greatest witch hunt in political history,” Trump declared Tuesday. “The only collusion was committed by the Democrats, the fake news media, and their operatives, and the people who funded the phony dossier: Crooked Hillary Clinton and the DNC.”

Trump also criticized the FBI’s double standard regarding how they exonerated Clinton despite her use of a secret server and attempts to delete classified emails, which revealed the Clinton Foundation’s and State Department’s pay-to-play scheme, to their scorched-earth efforts to find any crime they could to pin on Trump.

“If you want to know how the system is rigged, just compare how they came after us for three years with everything they had versus the free pass they gave to Hillary and her aides after they set up an illegal server, destroyed evidence, deleted and acid washed thirty-three thousand e-mails, exposed classified information and turned the State Department into a pay for play cash machine,” Trump said.

Clinton first tied Infowars to Trump in 2016, saying Alex Jones had a “dark heart” and lamented how Trump praised his “amazing” reputation.

Alex Jones breaks down how the crimes of Bill and Hillary Clinton are so pervasive and well-known, that even mainstream NBC reports on their alleged participation in running a pedophile ring while working for the U.S. State Department.

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