Hillary Clinton claims that she is “living rent-free” inside President Donald Trump’s head, and that “it’s not a very nice place to be.”

During an interview with Rachel Maddow, Clinton discussed the Mueller report revelation that Trump asked former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to begin a Department of Justice investigation into her.

“Well, what I make of it is this as big a sign of a guilty conscience or a real fear that you could possibly have,” said Clinton. “I mean, I’m living rent-free inside of Donald Trump’s brain. It’s not a very nice place to be, I can tell you that. So I don’t know what they’re talking about.”

She went on to insist that she had been repeatedly investigated by the other side but that nothing had been found.

“I testified for 11 hours in the Benghazi hearing after—what?—seven committees said there was nothing there? This is a diversion attack. Look, it is very sad to me that the lies that were told about me, the accusations that were made about me, have unfortunately had some residue,” said Clinton.

Given that Clinton refuses to leave the political scene even though many Democrats would argue her intervention harms their chances in 2020, perhaps it’s Trump who’s living inside her head.

Enthusiasm is low for hearing Hillary talk about anything. Last December, tickets for her 13-stop paid speaking tour with Bill were cut in half, with some going for less than 10 percent or their original price.

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