A YouTube channel called Barricade Garage recently released a sketch comedy video poking fun at white liberals who try to virtue signal on behalf of black Americans.

“You are so oppressed bro,” a character playing a white guy tells a black man.

“Ya, I’m oppressed by the tax system, family courts, politicians, the Federal Reserve,” the black guy responds.

The white guy continues, saying, “I’m talking about slavery, when my people oppressed your people dude.”

The black man explains he’s more concerned with the oppression affecting everybody at this moment in time, not slavery that happened over one hundred years ago.

“You black people are victims to my superior white race,” the white man says, continuing to explain that it’s his job to tell “other white people how much better they are than blacks.”

“You literally sound like a white supremacist,” the black guy responds.

However, the white guy can’t understand why he sounds racist, asking, “Do you really think if I was racist I would remind you 24/7 how oppressed you are and how much privilege my race has over your race?”

“If I was really racist dude, do you think I would constantly make you feel helpless against my race by showing you how many times my race kills your race bro?” he continues. “A real racist thinks we’re all equal, but I have white guilt because I understand that black people are helpless without white people dude.”

The conversation then takes a sudden turn as the black man yells, “Oh, Charlie!” and a mysterious creature attacks the annoying liberal.

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