Several high-level Democrats, including ex-DNC head Donna Brazile, confirmed that President Trump and Infowars were right about how Hillary Clinton stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders, which in itself confirms an Infowars prediction that Democrats would soon sacrifice Clinton.

In Aug. 2016, then-candidate Trump echoed an emergency message from Alex Jones warning that Clinton would try to steal the presidency just as she had stolen the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders.

“I think it was rigged against Bernie Sanders with his superdelegates nonsense,” Trump said.

Only a few days before, Jones asked Trump to make an issue out of it.

“Crooked Hillary Clinton has openly stolen the nomination from Bernie Sanders,” Jones said on July 30, 2016. “Mr. Trump, I’m not going to lay things out that you already know, but I am going to ask you to seriously think about making the issue of Hillary’s election fraud in the [Democratic] primaries one of the central issues to defeating her in November.”

Throughout the 2016 campaign, Infowars documented Clinton’s takeover of the Democratic Party and the outright theft of the nomination from Sanders, including this gem of a video from Feb. 2016 in which a Democratic superdelegate told Infowars reporter Richard Reeves how Hillary would be crowned regardless of Bernie’s surging support:

And a few weeks earlier, Infowars reported on how Clinton “won” the Iowa primary BEFORE votes were counted.

Similarly, Clinton gained two more delegates than Sanders in the New Hamshire primary, even though Sanders won more votes.

And in March 2016, we revealed how a half-dozen Democratic superdelegates ignored the results of the New York primary in support of Hillary.

Infowars also reported on an interview of a Bernie delegate at the DNC who revealed that the party was replacing Sander supporters with paid seat fillers to create fake “unity” behind Hillary Clinton.

Additionally, Infowars documented how the mainstream reporters were holding up signs in support of Hillary at the DNC, which explains their previous anti-Bernie bias.

Combining evidence from the DNC email leak with on-site interviews, Infowars revealed that the Democratic nomination was a facade because Hillary Clinton was pre-selected from the very beginning and that Bernie voters meant nothing to the Clinton-controlled party which willfully ignored the will of the people.

“When we talk about a rigged system, it’s also important to understand how the Democratic convention works,” Sanders said in May 2016. “We have won 45 percent of pledged delegates, but we have only earned 7 percent of superdelegates, so in other words, the way the system works is you have establishment candidates who win virtually all of the superdelegates.”

As Infowars reported Thursday, Brazile revealed three key points on how the Clinton campaign controlled the party BEFORE Hillary was chosen as the nominee, how the DNC shafted the more popular candidate Bernie Sanders and how the Clinton campaign robbed Democratic state parties by funneling money to her campaign headquarters in Brooklyn.

Since then, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, once Clinton’s greatest ally in the media, said it was “shocking” that Clinton rigged the nomination.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) also agreed that the nomination was rigged against Sanders.

This confirms the Infowars prediction on Oct. 24 that the Democrats would soon sacrifice the self-serving Clinton crime duo.

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