It’s up to you to decide who the winner is out of these six entries for’s Free Speech Poster Challenge!

Heck, we might even add more for you to pick from due to outstanding contest participation! would like to thank all participants for their work spreading the pro-humanity & pro-liberty message that binds us.

Without further ado, let us know which of one is your favorite in the comment section below:

‘Attention, Konservative Komrades’ by Erwins Real News

‘Infowars Poster Contest: Liberals Tear Down Posters’ by Tony Salvo

‘Infowars Poster Contest Al Gore Lied’ by Thomas Sisca from Austin, Texas

‘Stop The Censorship’ by Zack Mount

‘Alex Jones Did Nothing Wrong and He is Pissed!’ by MAGA Titan

‘Forbidden Information Messenger’ by CF Alex from Utah

Remember, we’re offering $5000 for the top pick and $1000 for Second Place and $500 for Third Place.

Thank you for making this contest fun and memorable.

Fake News Exploits Generational Tech Gap To Smear Alex Jones

Many of America’s governmental representatives are not familiar with how modern social media and Big Tech algorithms actually work. Alex exposes how fake news can be used to smear him and other patriots because of the generational technology gap.

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