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Bob Unruh
World Net Daily
January 16, 2014

Nothing will stop the NSA from trying to capture all digital data that exists. Credit: EFF via Wiki
Bill would also penalize corporations that do business with the NSA. Credit: EFF via Wiki

The National Security Agency operations to spy on American citizens already have prompted several states to consider prohibitions on the use of those details in court proceedings unless they specifically are identified in a search warrant.

But the pushback against the federal programs is reaching new heights in the state of Washington, where a related bill to protect residents’ Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures has been introduced.

There, any state worker who provides any services or participates or helps “in any way with the providing of services, to a federal agency, federal agent, or corporation providing services to the federal government which is involved in the collection of electronic data or metadata of any persons pursuant to any action not based on a warrant” is fired.

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