During a debate about social media censorship, the head of the Islamic Human Rights Commission called gay conservative author Douglas Murray a “hate preacher”.

Massoud Shadjareh also said that Muslim reformist and liberal author Maajid Nawaz was a “hate preacher”.

When confronted by Caolan Robertson on why he only advocated for censoring people on the right, Shadjareh’s comeback was bizarre.

“Douglas Murray and Maajid Nawaz I said are hate preachers because of the fact that they are associating acts of terrorism with ordinary citizens law-abiding Muslim community – for that they are hate preachers,” said Shadjareh.

Shadjareh went on to repeat that Nawaz, who recently sued the SPLC for over $3 million dollars after they falsely accused him of being an “extremist,” was a “hate preacher”.

Neither Nawaz or Murray have ever blamed acts of terrorism on ordinary law-abiding Muslims.

Murray is the furthest from a “hate preacher” one could get – a mild mannered gay conservative best-selling author and a noted public intellectual.

Although the debate was centered around the release of a new documentary – You Can’t Watch This – which can be viewed here, Shadjareh was forced to admit that he hadn’t even seen the film.

This yet again illustrates how the left’s contrived moral panic over online “hate content” is being exploited in a push to censor mainstream conservative views.

Watch the whole debate below.


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