Weinstein is a goner. Everyone knows it. It would be a great surprise if the man stands trial. The weird thing is, we all knew about Hollywood. Hell, the exact behaviour of Weinstein and people like him is a trope so well engrained in our culture that porn movies that riff on the behaviour rack up millions of views.

As ever, hypocrisy underpins everything. Berated from the podium of award ceremonies, we, the plebs, the cattle, the consumers, we are instructed. Don’t be sexist. Don’t be racist. Black lives matter. The liberal elites are better than you. Much better. We are rich, you are not. We know what is best, and if you disagree with our agenda, who cares. We are gods.

They look down on our petty behaviour and sneer, and turn their eyes aside when their friends behave in ways that truly are deplorable.

That is the attitude that allowed Weinstein to bugger his way through busloads of wannabe starlets. The glitterati Cosa Nostra has a vow of silence that protects them all. I’ll keep your secrets, you keep mine, and the gravy train keeps running. The cattle buy their tickets to see the movies we make, and who cares about a few broken women along the way.

As Actress Sophie Dix said:

“I was very, very vocal about it at the time. I didn’t want to own it. I wanted people to take it away from me. But I was met with a wall of silence. People who were involved in the film were great, my friends and my family were amazing and very compassionate, but people in the industry didn’t want to know about it, they didn’t want to hear.”

They didn’t want to hear. Rose McGowan was right to call out Ben Affleck. Oh, well done Ben, you told Weinstein to stop that shit. Guess what? You weren’t convincing, and then it turns out that, at best, you’re a sleaze yourself. He says he’s saddened and angry about Harvey. Yeah, Ben. Us too.

Now that the FBI is involved, who else is in line to be toppled by the sizable domino of Weinstein?

Meryl Streep

Meryl is a national treasure, a confidant of Harvey Weinstein, and outspoken figurehead of the industry. If there’s a progressive cause, she’s there to lend a voice. Such a darling, she will happily slather on orange facepaint and a suit to impersonate Donald Trump and sing, at the top of her lungs:

“Problem now with society, we’re all hung up on propriety … She can sample my Measure for Measure.”

Wow, sure seems like she knows exactly what she’s talking about here. Donald Trump must be a bad guy, after all, this is Meryl Streep. She would know.

“I didn’t know about these other offences: I did not know about his financial settlements with actresses and colleagues; I did not know about his having meetings in his hotel room, his bathroom, or other inappropriate, coercive acts,” she said. “And If everybody knew, I don’t believe that all the investigative reporters in the entertainment and the hard news media would have neglected for decades to write about it.

Isn’t that precious. The mainstream media, who have chased conservative scandals with the perspicacity of a coke-crazed Glenn Close character, would surely have reported on such widespread abuse.

So Meryl is off the hook. No one would believe that someone whose career rose in parallel with Weinstein’s could possibly have heard what literally everyone else knew to be true.

Ben & Matt & George & Brad & Leonardo &….

Fellas. Real talk. Here’s what is confusing me, I wonder if you could help us out. So, when Brad tells Harvey to back off Gwyneth, and when Ben tells Harvey to knock it off, but it keeps going for decades- what’s up with that? Was it just because Harvey and his peccadillos kept you rolling in cash? Is that why you prostituted your morals?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you convinced yourselves at the time that you tried. The feminists claim that they don’t need no man, and you guys are of course ready to back up anything so long as you don’t have to actually act. Act, as in, take action. Not the act that you snakes have been putting on for 20 years or more, pretending that your industry isn’t riddled with criminals.

Here’s the thing. Any man in the real world, we see some guy assaulting women- he’s toast. Imagine this- ten men know about a sex offender living on their street. They watch as he creeps on the local girls. They don’t report it, they don’t kick his ass, a couple of them say, hey- that’s not cool please stop.

The sex offender pays them off and carries on.

What would you think of these men? Are they heroes? Great actors, philanthropists and role models? No. They are spineless worms. It’s not PC to say anymore but one of the roles of man in human society has always been to protect women from danger, which mostly comes from other men. Have we just decided to say, meh, fuck it? Is that the price of equality?

Would you stand by while women are abused? Would someone being rich and powerful prevent you from beating the hell out of them if they assaulted your daughter? I would like to think not. I think any man worth a damn would drag Harvey Weinstein through hell for half of that.

So, why is Hollywood so divorced from reality that men stand by as girls young enough to be their daughters are abused by men old enough to be grandfathers? It boggles the mind. How corrupt. The hypocrisy stinks.

Let us all remind ourselves never to give another cent to Hollywood. These movie stars are either cowards, complicit or literally the dumbest people on Earth.

That’s a lot of movie stars scrambling to overturn American democracy to prevent the will of the people being recognised. I do hope none of them knew about Harvey. That would be unfortunate.

The Clintons & The Obamas

Harvey who?

This should be open and shut. Hillary says she was sick and appalled when she found out. I’m sure she was, but I don’t think that Hillary found out with the rest of us about her donor Harvey Weinstein.

Are we to believe that a former President and a former Secretary of State not once was told about Weinstein? Do these people not vet their supporters before reciprocating the support?

Of course they do.

A man comes up to you and gives you a cheque for $100,000. He says he believes in your cause. He asks for nothing, but you thank him in public and say he is great. You later discover that man is a criminal, and not just a petty thief, his crimes are an open secret.

Yeah, I don’t think so either.

Barack Obama was ready to send his daughter to intern for Weinstein this year. Are we to believe that the Secret Service conducted no vetting prior? This is the daughter of a president.

But that, of course, is the problem. These girls that Weinstein abused were not presidents daughters. They were just girls who wanted to be famous. So, Barack, Hillary, Bill, Michelle. In my view, you all took money from Weinstein. You all had access to the most powerful information gathering network on the planet.

But, you knew nothing, of course. Sickening. Saddened. Someone else’s problem. Someone else’s daughter.

Good luck, FBI

Maybe it is a vain hope that the FBI is going to do a serious job on Hollyweird. I don’t see how just picking at the threads of this case and applying some rudimentary common sense can result in anything but the utter destruction of the industry as we know it.

But, of course, money talks and bullshit walks. With so much filthy lucre paving the streets, Hollywood elites will remain so.

Plausible deniability, omerta, I never knew, it was a rumour and I hoped it was wrong, by the way, I’m a feminist, #TheResistance.

The liberal elite is utterly hypocritical. We’re all hypocrites. It is human nature to be hypocritical. What makes us feel sick though, is when hypocrites monetise their hypocrisy. From an ivory tower, we are told about how bigoted we are for not being progressives. The cloistered demi-gods spit on you for being working class and voting in your own interests. Donald Trump is a sex criminal, they cry. No evidence is ever provided, but you are a bad person for supporting him.

Meanwhile, behind closed doors, they know. They all know about Harvey.

The hand-wringing will be long and drawn out, as Hollywood and CNN examine all of us for their crimes. It must be toxic masculinity, or whiteness, or some such. The Oscars will dedicate 2018 to female directors and producers, ideally, Womyn-of-Color and the fireworks will be bright.

Ben and Matt and Leo and Brad will be there, and they will applaud. So will Hillary and Bill and Barack and Michelle.

And here we are, the plebians, told that we are morally inferior. Ethically compromised. The deplorables.

We should always remember that those who make character judgements about their opponents based on nothing are usually guilty of that flaw themselves. The liberal elite has accused Donald Trump of being the worst kind of sex offender for over a year. Now we see that the snake pit is not at Trump Tower at all. It never was. The whole charade played out on sound stages on the Miramax Studio lot.

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