Sadiq Khan has presided over an “alarming hike in violent crime” in the three years since he has become London mayor, according to analysis by the Greater London Assembly Conservatives.

Published to coincide with the anniversary of Mayor Khan’s third year in office, the report, The Cost of Khan, revealed what the Conservative authors described as a legacy of mayoralty “defined by financial incompetence, a raft of broken promises, and a lack of delivery for Londoners” on issues including housing, transport, and law and order.

According to analysis conducted by the LGA Conservatives, under Mayor Khan knife crime has risen by 52 per cent, robbery by 59 per cent, and gun crime by 30 per cent.

“Latest crime statistics paint a damaging picture of Sadiq Khan’s record,” the report reads. “There has been a 24 per cent increase in homicides since 2016 and the 2018 homicide figure (135) is the highest since 2008.

“Between 2015/16 and 2018/19, knife crime has increased by 52.3 per cent, residential burglary has increased by 36.9 per cent and robbery has increased by 59.3 per cent. The figures speak for themselves.”

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