Poland’s Minister of Justice delivered a scathing response to European Union bureaucrats who are attempting to bully the staunchly anti-migrant country as the battle over ‘refugee resettlement’ quotas rages on.

Zbiegniew Ziobro directed his comments at Frans Timmermans, Vice President of the European Commission, who has established himself as one of the EU’s most aggressive attack dogs against a growing list of member states who oppose the migrant schemes.

“We all know from school, in history class, that the Netherlands has a long experience in colonialism, but bad habits must be stamped out,” said Ziobro, correlating Timmermans’ Dutch roots to his penchant for imperious interventionism. “I’d like to ask Mr. Timmermans to stop speaking with such insolence and arrogance about Poland, and to Poles, and to the Polish authorities because we deserve respect.”

“We expect and demand respect.”

Polish nationalists and Euroskeptics have taken up the refrain of “Hands off Poland,” and rumblings of #Polexit grow louder by the day.

The Polish government is in the midst of procedures to reshape elements of its judicial system, but the EU has threatened to punish the country severely if they follow through, accusing Warsaw of creating a “systematic threat to the rule of law in Poland” and possibly ‘breaching fundamental human rights.’

The reforms are aimed at dismantling a “privileged caste” of left-wing activist lawyers and judges, obligating ‘Christian values’ to be considered in Supreme Court rulings, and shaking up the entire judiciary by dismissing many sitting judges while also re-structuring how they are appointed.

Prominent Polish parliamentarian and former prime minister, Jarosław Kaczyński, a trained lawyer, asserts that Poland’s court system is still a “stronghold of post-communists.”

“We will swiftly prepare infringement procedures for breach of EU law, also to be launched next week,” European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans has declared in response. “The option of triggering Article 7 of the Treaty was part of the discussion and it should come as no surprise to anyone that, given the latest developments, we are coming very close to triggering Article 7.”

“Our hand is still extended to the Polish authorities for dialogue. But dialogue must be aimed at redressing the situation. And dialogue, if it happens or not, will not stop the Commission from taking any measures it deems necessary in this framework.”

Poland has strong allies in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia – and likely even the White House, as President Trump recently delivered an earthshaking speech in Warsaw that put globalists on edge.

“You stood in solidarity against oppression, against a lawless secret police, and against a cruel and wicked system that impoverished your cities and your souls – and you won,” said Trump. “Poland prevailed. Poland will always prevail.”

“A strong Poland is a blessing to the nations of Europe, and they know that. A strong Europe is a blessing to the West, and to the world.”

Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orbán, has warned that the EU is targeting Poland as a warning to all others who might follow their lead in standing up to the tyrannical superstate.

“The main target of the inquisition, the example of national governance to be weakened, destroyed and broken is Poland,” Orban said. “Hungary will use every legal possibility in the European Union to be in solidarity with the Poles.”

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