Anti-Second Amendment legislation scheduled for a vote in the Republican-controlled Senate later today is expected to fail.

Four different bills address the background check system and the sale of firearms to individuals on the government’s secret terror watch lists.

Last week Democrat Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut filibustered for nearly 15 hours for action limiting the Second Amendment after the Orlando massacre.

Murphy is a co-sponsor along with California Democrat Dianne Feinstein on a bill that would strike the right to purchase firearms by Americans included on so-called terror watch lists.

Murphy believes the legislation will pass. “I think the background checks bill is going to be tough to pass,” he ABC News late last week. “But keeping terrorists from buying guns—I think we might be able to pass that.”

Despite Murphy’s optimism, Republicans and Democrats in the Senate have been unable to compromise on competing legislation. Democrats will block amendments proposed by Republicans and in turn Republicans will reject two amendments they say threaten constitutional rights.

In response to the Murphy-Feinstein bill, Republicans have proposed a 72 hour delay and a requirement the government show probable cause.

The proposal submitted by Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas is backed by Obama’s attorney general, Loretta Lynch.

Lynch argues the government must have the authority to keep classified information secret if an individual exercises his or her constitutional right to appeal a decision.

The attorney general overruled FBI director James Comey last week. He said denying the sale of firearms to individuals on secret terror watch lists would endanger FBI investigations. The DOJ supports the “no-fly, no-buy” plan pushed by Democrats.

“The amendment gives the Justice Department an important additional tool to prevent the sale of guns to suspected terrorists by licensed firearms dealers while ensuring protection of the department’s operational and investigative sensitivities,” said department spokesman Dena Iverson in a statement released on Thursday.

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