For the better part of two months, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has led an effort to get Emily Miller fired from her job as chief investigative correspondent for the Washington, D.C. area Fox affiliate because of her pro-gun stance. The group raises the question that if she advocates for a topic that she covers, how does she remain fair and objective?

CSGV delivered a petition Tuesday with more than 6,300 signatures to WTTG Fox 5 calling for the station’s general manager to fire Miller.

Ladd Everitt, communications director for CSGV, described the event to in an email: “The general manager wouldn’t come down to talk to us and accept the petition. We left it with their guy at the front and he assured us it would be delivered.”

“We got a very positive reaction from locals and one woman even stopped, took a photo of us, and said something about working with Emily at ABC and how her friends there would love the picture,” he added.

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