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Online Journal
August 31, 2010

My first whiff of the news was an unsettling email from a reader of my article, ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ inflating Islamophobia, indicating The Council on Foreign Relations, i.e. the Rockefeller Globalist cabal, had a hand in this. The writer was annoyed at my not considering it.

I hadn’t considered it since my focus had been on the fact that the destruction of 9/11 was not perpetrated by Muslim nations as stated categorically by the New York Post, ignoring the very possible involvement of Israel, which has a history of false-flag attacks.

I received a second email from the Corbett Report, a video report whose Sunday stories were the Ground Zero Mosque Distraction, Israel Lobby, Apple and Orwell, the first with some fascinating information about Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, who heads up the Cordoba Initiative, i.e., the building of the Ground Zero Islamic center. Eureka!

The Cordoba Initiative, and Imam Rauf, Corbett went on to say, were affiliated with the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and support for that came from fellow Council on Foreign Relations’ members. Imam Rauf himself was on the Council on Foreign Relations’ Religious Advisory Committee. The Cordoba initiative’s website cited “Christian support for the Cordoba House” from a Christian publication, “Sojourners,” which is owned by evangelical Christian writer and political activist Jim Wallis, also a sitting member of the CFR’s Religious Advisory Committee. Wow!

At some point, the American Society for Muslim Advancement ( was shown on the screen along with: “Our Supporters: U.S. Foundations.” After wincing, I froze the frame and downloaded the list, which included the Carnegie Corporations of New York, Rockefeller Brothers, Rockefeller Philanthropy, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Henry Luce Foundation, and Hunt Alternatives, to mention a few of the globalist pack.

There was also a clip of David Rockefeller speechifying at the CFR and welcoming back Dick Cheney to a meeting. Of course, Cheney remarked that he was happy to be there, was once “director” of the organization though he didn’t mention it when he was running for Congress from his native Wyoming. This drew a big laugh from the elite insiders present.

Next Corbett referred to Nancy Pelosi, who had recently questioned who was funding the Cordoba Initiative given how it was being politicized (at Democratic expense given Obama’s “for it but not where” statements). We cut to a call from Pelosi for an investigation. We cut back to Corbett who pointed out that it was rather embarrassing for her and others when the information above was revealed; that this money was not coming from Muslims or Middle Eastern nations.

This despite a scene, in which a Cordoba employee claimed to an inquiring reporter that the money came from Muslims, corporations, and interested groups, and that it wasn’t really necessary for everyone to know who contributed.

Corbett, having discredited the claim of Muslim funding rather thoroughly, moved on to several related stories, including Israel’s spending some $35 million dollars to control articles favorable to it in the US press and to tamp down the negative press on Dimona and Palestine.

He also mentioned the $50,000 given to the Atlantic monthly to write an attack piece on Iran, because it was the “greatest threat to Israel since Hitler.” Parenthetically, the writer was a former member of the Israel Defense Force, which might account for the hyperbole, seeing how it is Israel that has hundreds of nuclear warheads at their nuclear facility at Dimona in the Negev desert.

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Corbett’s last piece focused on ideas for coming advancements in Apple i-Pods and i-Phones that seemed to be straight out of Orwell’s 1984, forecasting coming police-friendly improvements/intrusions on every conceivable form of personal privacy from Apple.

I also took a step back to corroborate Rauf’s deep ties to the CFR, seeing how the NY Post had painted him more as a co-conspirator with al-Qaeda, writing, “Clearly, though this is a complicated issue. The 9/11 mass murder, after all, was committed in the name of Islam.”

That explosive statement was followed by a quote from a letter by Dan Senor of the Council on Foreign Relations in the Wall Street Journal (also owned by Rupert Murdoch, owner of the New York Post) that whatever the stated goals of the Islamic center and Rauf, “in the minds of many who are swayed by the most radical interpretations of Islam . . . it will be celebrated as a Muslim monument erected on the site of a great Muslim ‘military victory.’” And . . .”that’s why the question of who precisely will pay to build the $100 million project is so compelling.” Amazing!

Here is a CFR member, whose organization is bankrolling the Islamic center with one hat on, switches hats and demands to know precisely who will pay to cough up the $100 million. Well, Dan, it’s your very own CFR sponsors who are picking up the tab. And if you think Corbett and I are the only ones who caught you with your two hats on, and your pants down, let me go to writer Steve Watson of, who wrote pretty much the same thing in Ground Zero Mosque Imam is Globalist Stooge.

“The Imam of the now infamous “ground zero mosque” is a member of the ultra elitist Council On Foreign Relations and receives financial backing from powerful globalist sources including the Rockefellers, the Carnegie Corporation and the Ford Foundation.

“This information provides a compelling backdrop to the theory that the move to establish the mosque is a deliberate attempt to further stoke religious tensions and and divert attention away from the real enemy of free humanity, the corporate globalist elite who continue to profit from global war and division.”

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Meanwhile, Americans all over the country, especially in lower New York City, are out in droves screaming at each other in fear over Muslim appropriation of the building site, feeling as if Muslims were at their doors with scimitars, when, in fact, it’s our own Council on Foreign Relations whipping up the synthetic terror. Doesn’t that point, too, to CFR involvement in the 9/11 event, producing the same feelings?

As to the “Globalist stooge” Rauf, I’m sure there’s a special place in hell for him, betraying his Muslim community to the danger of angry Americans to the synthetic terror threat, and frightening the latter to even more debilitating scare tactics. Let’s hope this doesn’t spill into the 9/11 commemoration ceremonies or the coinciding 9/11 As Inside Job rally that parallels them. Perhaps, if Rauf and the CFR are sufficiently exposed, that claim will have more meaning for more people than ever.

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer and life-long resident of New York City. Reach him at [email protected]. His new book, State Of Shock: Poems from 9/11 on” is available at, Amazon or He has also written hundreds of articles on American and world politics as an Associate Editor of Online Journal.

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