Not only is Alexandria “Crazy Eyes” Cortez a tool for the globalist carbon tax scheme, but we can now safely say she is a manipulative liar too.

Rather than own up to the cliff notes version of the United Nation’s sustainable goals of Agenda 2030, Cortez would rather the public believe her document proposing the banning of air travel and rewarding those unwilling to work wasn’t her doing.

Instead, those pesky parodies on Twitter and the Republicans were to blame.

It appears Cortez didn’t get the memo that a growing majority of Americans are aware of the global carbon tax scheme.

Now, the Freshman, socialist lunatic just a month into being a congresswoman is willing to lecture Americans that she is lobbying for massive government intervention of centralized control into the private sector with her touted Green New Deal.

As temperatures drop and more people ask where the warming went, the science warning of an impending mini ice age continues to be ignored.

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