The left-wing Gravel Institute reacted to the gunning down of two LA County Sheriffs officers by tweeting that “blue lives don’t matter” because they are not a “thing”.

The two officers were left fighting for their lives after being ambushed and shot at point-blank range through their patrol car window on Saturday night by an African-American gunman.

To make the situation even worse, Black Lives Matter protesters then proceeded to block the entrance and exit of the hospital emergency room the officers were being treated in while chanting “we hope they die!”

After they were given a dispersal order by police, the protesters refused to cooperate and one woman referring to herself as a “member of the press” tried to attack officers.

While much of the response to the horrific shooting was in the form of an outpouring of love and support, with the hashtag #BlueLivesMatter trending on Twitter, not everyone expressed sympathy.

Responding to a tweet by Ian Miles Cheong in which the journalist stated, “Say it with me; blue lives matter,” the left-wing Gravel Institute, which is named after the former Senator, responded, “Say it with me; they don’t.”

The Gravel Institute subsequently deleted the tweet, but when challenged by Cheong, they doubled down.

“Sorry, it was late, so just to be clear: “blue lives” are not a thing. Thus, “blue lives” don’t matter,” tweeted the Institute.

Respondents vented their fury, with one asserting, “Just to be clear, Gravel Institute endorses the murder of police officers.”

However, the original tweet received almost 50,000 likes, suggesting it’s an opinion shared by a significant number of leftists and BLM supporters.


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