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Monday, August 16, 2010

Government Using Google Earth To Loot Destitute Americans 160810top

Aerial imaging technology is being used by the government to spy on Americans in an effort to collect revenue and enforce ordinances on swimming pools without safety certificates, junk cars being stored without permission, unlicensed porches, and a myriad of other petty transgressions that the state is feeding off in complete violation of the Fourth Amendment to suck citizens dry of whatever income they have left after being looted of trillions of dollars in wealth that the state has transferred to foreign banks.

The fact that technology such as Google Earth and Google Street View, which provides clear and often intrusive images of private property, is being used by authorities to spy on Americans without warrants is an obvious violation of the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unreasonable searches and seizures.

In Riverhead, New York, authorities used Google Earth to “help identify about 250 Riverhead homes where residents failed to get building permits certifying their swimming pools complied with safety regulations,” according to an Associated Press investigation.

The report lists a number of other uses state officials are utilizing the technology for, including checking if a homeowner has brush growing too close to his home, keeping junk cars on their lot in violation of ordinances, as well as finding illegal porches and decks that property owners have dared to build without the government’s permission.

Over in Greece, the government uses the technology to find undeclared swimming pools, so that they can then slap the owners with higher “wealth taxes”.

“Federal contracting records reviewed by Consumer Watchdog show that the FBI has spent more than $600,000 on Google Earth since 2007. The Drug Enforcement Administration, meanwhile, has spent more than $67,000,” states the report.

Despite the fact that the Associated Press article attempts to justify the use of the technology by claiming it aids in preventing drownings, fighting wildfires, and aiding emergency response to hurricanes and earthquakes, everyone quoted in the report slams the actions as a violation of privacy and the Fourth Amendment.

“I think it’s a great intrusion on people’s privacy; they should use it on the politicians’ backyards,” said Flanders resident Walter Casey.

“We live in an environment where we are told that if it’s on camera, if you have a video record, that will make us safer,” Lieberman said. “That may be appealing, but it is an unproven assertion. There’s no evidence of that. Yet we see millions, if not billions, of post-9/11 money has gone to law enforcement for installing cameras in every conceivable nook and cranny,” added the New York Civil Liberties Union’s Donna Lieberman.

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Patently, the primary motivation behind using aerial imagery to spy on Americans has nothing to do with fighting crime. While every effort should be made to utilize such technology to secure America’s borders from the virtual state of collapse that they are now undergoing, instead government is obsessed with shaking down already destitute Americans for having the temerity to avoid some petty regulation like not having a 4 foot fence around their swimming pool or daring to keep an old car in their backyard without the state’s permission.

This is exclusively about feeding on the population and generating revenue to fill gaps in state budgets during an economic depression. It is completely unconstitutional and has no place in a free country.

Google, a company that was founded by CIA seed money and is nothing less than a front for the CIA, the NSA and the military-industrial complex, is already facing nine lawsuits in the United States alone and inquiries in 38 states for illegally collecting people’s emails, web surfing history, and other information from private wi-fi networks during its Street View photographing operations. The company also faces criminal charges in countries like Germany, Spain and Australia for violating basic privacy laws.

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Google is now working directly with the CIA to create a leviathan database of human activity that purports to be able to “predict the future” by scouring Twitter accounts, blogs and websites for real time information.

It’s hardly surprising that the criminal, vampiric government is working with a company headed up by a CEO who thinks that privacy doesn’t matter, and a company that has already broken innumerable privacy laws in its pursuit to achieve Big Brother super-status.

Recall this ultra-creepy Pennsylvania Department of Revenue commercial which received a massive backlash after it depicted authorities using sophisticated aerial imaging technology to locate people who supposedly owed the state back taxes. The voice-over ominously announces, “Because Tom, we do know who you are,” as the shot zooms in on a crystal clear image of a house.

In reality of course, the biggest thieves and criminals are the government bureaucrats themselves, who have conspired to steal trillions of dollars from Americans that is being sent to offshore banks as citizens are forced to pick up the tab through higher taxes, soaring living costs, and crippling austerity measures.

The ad tells us everything we need to know about the motivation behind government using aerial imagery to spy on Americans – it’s about oppression, intimidation, looting, and Big Brother on steroids – and goes way beyond anything even George Orwell warned about in his book 1984.

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