Fears of an “imminent war” between the United States and North Korea are running rampant in South Korea, forcing the government to publicly dismiss the rumors.

Both the Korea Herald and the Korea Times are reporting on how the country’s most popular messaging service Kakao Talk has been inundated with panicked citizens expressing concerns over a nuclear conflict.

“April 27 is the most likely D-day as it is a nice day for US stealth fighters to fly,” read one of the messages.

“The US will fire Tomahawk missiles and bunker buster bombs against Pyongyang,” another said.

“Adding fuel to the fire are widespread “warmongering rumors” on the internet, with detailed prospects, including when and how a second Korean War would break out,” reports the Korea Herald.

The messages are so prevalent that the South Korean government was forced to publicly dismiss them as “baseless,” but this “seems to have done little to contain rising public anxiety.”

It’s no surprise that tensions are running high given North Korea’s threat to respond to America’s deployment of a naval strike group to the region which includes the Nimitz-class aircraft supercarrier USS Carl Vinson.

President Trump has also reportedly asked his military advisers to prepare him with a list of options “to smash North Korea’s nuclear threat”.

Experts are confident that North Korea will launch a provocation this week to coincide with the 105th anniversary of its founder Kim Il-sung’s birthday, but that it will likely be non-nuclear so as not to risk a U.S. military response.

Another ballistic missile launch is the most likely scenario, but if Pyongyang conducts its sixth nuclear test, tensions could build to breaking point.


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