Internet users in the United States took a sudden interest in “bidets,” according to Google, in the wake of toilet paper panic buys affecting the entire country.

As news of the coronavirus’ spread prompted doomsday prepping which quizzically led to toilet paper selling out in stores across the nation, many proposed the bidet, widely used in Europe, as a preferred alternative.

This led to internet users frantically turning to Google to answer questions like, “are bidets healthy?” and “what are bidets used for,” while others appeared to want to purchase the sanitary item, inquiring “best bidets.”

Queries for the search term “bidet” saw a spike Thursday night, according to the Google Trends analytics tool, with the term still being searched as of Friday afternoon.

As toilet paper continues to sell out due to its popularity as a panic-buy shopping item, one wonders what other alternatives will emerge as Coronavirus worries intensify?

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